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Last updated: Mon, 16 Jul 2012


(PHP 5)

fprintf -- Write a formatted string to a stream


int fprintf ( resource handle, string format [, mixed args [, mixed ...]] )

Write a string produced according to format to the stream resource specified by handle. format is described in the documentation for sprintf().

Returns the length of the outputted string.

See also: printf(), sprintf(), sscanf(), fscanf(), vsprintf(), and number_format().


例子 1. fprintf(): zero-padded integers

if (!($fp = fopen('date.txt', 'w')))

fprintf($fp, "%04d-%02d-%02d", $year, $month, $day);
// will write the formatted ISO date to date.txt

例子 2. fprintf(): formatting currency

if (!($fp = fopen('currency.txt', 'w')))

$money1 = 68.75;
$money2 = 54.35;
$money = $money1 + $money2;
// echo $money will output "123.1";
$len = fprintf($fp, '%01.2f', $money);
// will write "123.10" to currency.txt

echo "wrote $len bytes to currency.txt";
// use the return value of fprintf to determine how many bytes we wrote

 Last updated: Mon, 16 Jul 2012
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