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Last updated: Mon, 16 Jul 2012



id3_set_tag -- Update information stored in an ID3 tag


bool id3_set_tag ( string filename, array tag [, int version] )

id3_set_tag() is used to change the information stored of an ID3 tag. If no tag has been present, it will be added to the file.

注: Instead of a filename you may also pass a valid stream resource.

The optional version parameter allows you to specify the version of the tag as MP3 files may contain both, version 1.x and version 2.x tags.

例子 1. id3_set_tag() example

= array(
"title" => "Re:Start",
"artist" => "Re:\Legion",
"comment" => "A nice track"
$result = id3_set_tag( "path/to/example.mp3", $data, ID3_V1_0 );
if (
$result === true) {
"Tag succesfully updated\n";

If the file is writable, this will output:

Tag succesfully updated

注: Currently id3_set_tag() only supports version 1.0 and 1.1.

The following keys may be used in the associative array:

表格 1. Keys in the associative array

keypossible valueavailable in version
titlestring with maximum of 30 charactersv1.0, v1.1
artiststring with maximum of 30 charactersv1.0, v1.1
albumstring with maximum of 30 charactersv1.0, v1.1
year4 digitsv1.0, v1.1
genreinteger value between 0 and 147v1.0, v1.1
commentstring with maximum of 30 characters (28 in v1.1)v1.0, v1.1
trackinteger between 0 and 255v1.1

See also id3_get_tag(), id3_remove_tag() and id3_get_version().

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