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Last updated: Mon, 16 Jul 2012


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SWFbutton->addAction -- Adds an action


void swfbutton->addaction ( resource action, int flags )


本函数是实验性的。本函数的行为,包括函数名称以及其它任何关于本函数的文档可能会在没有通知的情况下随 PHP 以后的发布而改变。使用本函数风险自担。

swfbutton->addaction() adds the action action to this button for the given conditions. The following flags are valid: SWFBUTTON_MOUSEOVER, SWFBUTTON_MOUSEOUT, SWFBUTTON_MOUSEUP, SWFBUTTON_MOUSEUPOUTSIDE, SWFBUTTON_MOUSEDOWN, SWFBUTTON_DRAGOUT and SWFBUTTON_DRAGOVER.

See also swfbutton->addshape() and swfaction().

 Last updated: Mon, 16 Jul 2012
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