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Last updated: Mon, 16 Jul 2012


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XSLTProcessor->setParameter() -- Set value for a parameter


class XSLTProcessor {

bool setParameter ( string namespace, string name, string value )

}class XSLTProcessor {

bool setParameter ( string namespace, array options )


Sets the value of one or more parameters to be used in subsequent transformations with XSLTProcessor. If the parameter doesn't exist in the stylesheet it will be ignored.



The namespace URI of the XSLT parameter.


The local name of the XSLT parameter.


The new value of the XSLT parameter.


An array of name => value pairs. This syntax is available since PHP 5.1.0.


如果成功则返回 TRUE,失败则返回 FALSE

例子 1. Changing the owner before the transformation


= array(
'Marc Rutkowski' => 'marc',
'Olivier Parmentier' => 'olivier'

$xsl = new DOMDocument;

// Configure the transformer
$proc = new XSLTProcessor;
$proc->importStyleSheet($xsl); // attach the xsl rules

foreach ($collections as $name => $file) {
// Load the XML source
$xml = new DOMDocument;
$xml->load('collection_' . $file . '.xml');

$proc->setParameter('', 'owner', $name);
$proc->transformToURI($xml, 'file:///tmp/' . $file . '.html');


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