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Last updated: Mon, 16 Jul 2012

CXXVI. Standard PHP Library (SPL) Functions


SPL is a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve standard problems.

提示: A more detailed documentation of SPL can be found here.


This extension is available and compiled by default in PHP 5.


以下常量由本扩展模块定义,因此只有在本扩展模块被编译到 PHP 中,或者在运行时被动态加载后才有效。


RIT_SELF_FIRST (integer)




ArrayIterator::current --  Return current array entry
ArrayIterator::key --  Return current array key
ArrayIterator::next --  Move to next entry
ArrayIterator::rewind --  Rewind array back to the start
ArrayIterator::seek --  Seek to position
ArrayIterator::valid --  Check whether array contains more entries
ArrayObject::append --  Appends the value
ArrayObject::__construct --  Construct a new array object
ArrayObject::count --  Return the number of elements in the Iterator
ArrayObject::getIterator --  Create a new iterator from an ArrayObject instance
ArrayObject::offsetExists --  Returns whether the requested $index exists
ArrayObject::offsetGet --  Returns the value at the specified $index
ArrayObject::offsetSet --  Sets the value at the specified $index to $newval
ArrayObject::offsetUnset --  Unsets the value at the specified $index
CachingIterator::hasNext --  Check whether the inner iterator has a valid next element
CachingIterator::next --  Move the iterator forward
CachingIterator::rewind --  Rewind the iterator
CachingIterator::__toString --  Return the string representation of the current element
CachingIterator::valid --  Check whether the current element is valid
CachingRecursiveIterator::getChildren --  Return the inner iterator's children as a CachingRecursiveIterator
CachingRecursiveIterator::hasChildren --  Check whether the current element of the inner iterator has children
DirectoryIterator::__construct --  Constructs a new dir iterator from a path
DirectoryIterator::current --  Return this (needed for Iterator interface)
DirectoryIterator::getATime --  Get last access time of file
DirectoryIterator::getCTime --  Get inode modification time of file
DirectoryIterator::getChildren --  Returns an iterator for the current entry if it is a directory
DirectoryIterator::getFilename --  Return filename of current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::getGroup --  Get file group
DirectoryIterator::getInode --  Get file inode
DirectoryIterator::getMTime --  Get last modification time of file
DirectoryIterator::getOwner --  Get file owner
DirectoryIterator::getPath --  Return directory path
DirectoryIterator::getPathname --  Return path and filename of current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::getPerms --  Get file permissions
DirectoryIterator::getSize --  Get file size
DirectoryIterator::getType --  Get file type
DirectoryIterator::isDir --  Returns true if file is directory
DirectoryIterator::isDot --  Returns true if current entry is '.' or '..'
DirectoryIterator::isExecutable --  Returns true if file is executable
DirectoryIterator::isFile --  Returns true if file is a regular file
DirectoryIterator::isLink --  Returns true if file is symbolic link
DirectoryIterator::isReadable --  Returns true if file can be read
DirectoryIterator::isWritable --  Returns true if file can be written
DirectoryIterator::key --  Return current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::next --  Move to next entry
DirectoryIterator::rewind --  Rewind dir back to the start
DirectoryIterator::valid --  Check whether dir contains more entries
FilterIterator::current --  Get the current element value
FilterIterator::getInnerIterator --  Get the inner iterator
FilterIterator::key --  Get the current key
FilterIterator::next --  Move the iterator forward
FilterIterator::rewind --  Rewind the iterator
FilterIterator::valid --  Check whether the current element is valid
LimitIterator::getPosition --  Return the current position
LimitIterator::next --  Move the iterator forward
LimitIterator::rewind --  Rewind the iterator to the specified starting offset
LimitIterator::seek --  Seek to the given position
LimitIterator::valid --  Check whether the current element is valid
ParentIterator::getChildren --  Return the inner iterator's children contained in a ParentIterator
ParentIterator::hasChildren --  Check whether the inner iterator's current element has children
ParentIterator::next --  Move the iterator forward
ParentIterator::rewind --  Rewind the iterator
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::getChildren --  Returns an iterator for the current entry if it is a directory
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::hasChildren --  Returns whether current entry is a directory and not '.' or '..'
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::key --  Return path and filename of current dir entry
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::next --  Move to next entry
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::rewind --  Rewind dir back to the start
RecursiveIteratorIterator::current --  Access the current element value
RecursiveIteratorIterator::getDepth --  Get the current depth of the recursive iteration
RecursiveIteratorIterator::getSubIterator --  The current active sub iterator
RecursiveIteratorIterator::key --  Access the current key
RecursiveIteratorIterator::next --  Move forward to the next element
RecursiveIteratorIterator::rewind --  Rewind the iterator to the first element of the top level inner iterator
RecursiveIteratorIterator::valid --  Check whether the current position is valid
SimpleXMLIterator::current --  Return current SimpleXML entry
SimpleXMLIterator::getChildren --  Returns an iterator for the current entry if it is a SimpleXML object
SimpleXMLIterator::hasChildren --  Returns whether current entry is a SimpleXML object
SimpleXMLIterator::key --  Return current SimpleXML key
SimpleXMLIterator::next --  Move to next entry
SimpleXMLIterator::rewind --  Rewind SimpleXML back to the start
SimpleXMLIterator::valid --  Check whether SimpleXML contains more entries
class_implements --  Return the interfaces which are implemented by the given class
class_parents --  Return the parent classes of the given class
iterator_count --  Count the elements in an iterator
iterator_to_array --  Copy the iterator into an array
spl_classes --  Return available SPL classes

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